America’s Schizophrenic Foreign Policy

America stumbles around the world blindly looking for a crisis to which we can inconsistently react. Our goals?  Continually changing.  Our strategy? That depends.  Allies? Sometimes our friends and sometimes friends of our enemies.  How will we react next week? That’s based on  who has the biggest mouth in the media this week.

There’s no better example than Libya.

Moammar Gadhafi used to be our good buddy even though he was behind the Lockerbie jet bombing and other anti-US terrorist attacks. But hey – we needed the oil. Finally factions of Libyans started to revolt against his dictatorship.  The groups included anti-US Muslim fanatics plus al-Qaeda militants but they couldn’t do it on their own.

“We’ll help!” cried America under the flimsy guise of NATO bombings. The bombs boomed, Moammar kissed Allah, and rebels set up a shaky government even supporting our US embassy.

Then September 11th rolled around and al-Qaeda celebrated by destroying the embassy and murdering four Americans including our Ambassador.  No wonder government officials can’t decide whether to call it “an act of terrorism” or a “terrorist act.”  The whole thing is so convoluted, they should just call it “crazy” like the rest of our foreign policy.

Libertarians  advocate a simple foreign policy:  defend America only; trade with everyone; war with no one.  Even I can understand this – and see the intelligence in it.  Vote for either Obama or Romney (it doesn’t matter which) and America will continue to get what we’ve got – insanity abroad.

7 Responses to “America’s Schizophrenic Foreign Policy”

  1. Bill says:

    Actually there is a policy: make money for the military industrial complex. There are also a number of subplots. Start a conflict to whip up patriotism and win an election. Test new military toys in a real life situation. Impress other powerful nations like Russia and China with our toys. Remember the phrase “shock and awe”. They meant it.

    You’re right about Obama and Romney; foreign policy will be identical under either one.

  2. paolo. says:

    “Start a conflict to whip up patriotism and win an election.”

    I don’t know ‘what’ (that’s why they call it the October Surprise) but SOMETHING will happen in the next 19-days to tilt the election Obama’s way. And Americans will fall for it.

  3. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    Anyone that has seen Obama’s registration as a FOREIGN SCHOLARSHIP STUDENT as a citizen of Indonesia knows he’s a total fraud. Bu Then you look at the clips of his supporters ranting “OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA! over and over again like a bunch of Muslims being paid to stage a demonstration in the Middle east, then listen to the reporters questions and answers from Obama supporters an d There is a distinct possibility, besides the UN ignoring the fact that the small arms treaty failed and is acting like it passed anyway because the KING of the used to be most powerful nation in the world said it’s alright with him so long as HE can send small arms to communist cartells all the way down to Columbia-confused yet-NAW you lready were- when asked what Patry Obama belonged to most of the demonstrators thought seriously and either said they didn’t know or REPUBLICAN. tHAT ONE RADIO HOST FROM nyc WAS ASKING PEOPLE IF THEY THOUGHT sARAH pALIN WOULD MESS UP mCcAINS CHANCES IN this election. tHE MOST INTELLIGENT SERIOUS THINKER THOUGHT AND THOUGHT AND SAID mCcAIN definitely would not win this time-UNLESS HE DUMPED sARAH pALIN. tHESE PEOPLE VOTE. wITH THE WORLDS RICHEST cOMMUNIST WHO PUSHED oBAMA THROUGH THE POLITICS OF BEING A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER TO SENATOR-George Soros, has bought the company that makes our new computerized voting machines-(IN SPAIN.) lEGALIZE ALL DRUGS.Watch all the crack and meth users kill themselves, schools go back to serious students and in ten years MAYBE America will wise up. In the meantime join my TAKE AN ASSHOLE WITH YOU WHEN YOU GET CANCER club. Let’s US Nuke the UN, blame it on Al-Quaada, and waste the entire middle east. Do what everyone thought we were doing-STEAL THEIR OIL, EAT BEANS, WEAR THE SAME UNDERWEAR FOR A YEAR, and send the clothes to third world countries. I.E. just keep wearing them.

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