Americans LIKE Being Lied To

NOT Qaddafi’s Grandchildren

Last night a US drone attack (you can forget that “NATO” bullshit) targeted the home of Qaddafi’s youngest son in Tripoli, Libya. The unmanned missiles were launched from remote control in this country to drones in the Mideast. They were deadly accurate and killed Qaddafi’s son and his three grandchildren.

On Sunday, angry mobs (remember those innocent civilians we were trying to protect in Libya?) attacked the British and Italian embassies in direct retaliation.  There have been similar “hate the West” attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, the “ally” we “drone out” the most.

Remember when Barrack “O’ll-bomb-ya” said:

“There are no military options for the US in Libya”? and,
“We are not trying to topple the government of Libya”? and,
“We are not targeting Qaddafi for assassination”?

The innocent civilians we were protecting must feel better about being murdered by US drones rather than their own leader.  Oh wait, they don’t feel anything – they’re dead.

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  1. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Remember I said those innocent civilians are backed by AlQuada? We don’t belong there anymore than we did in Vietnam. Each drone puts money in our arms companies pockets owned by shareholders from BOTH parties. MacNamara said he knew we couldn’t win by bombing the North in Vietnam-we COULDN”T WIN and he knew it years before we pulled out BUT he stayed-sayed he HAD to stay to Prove we couldn’t win. I said a long time ago this was Vietnam all over again and was raked over the coals by the modern MacNamaras that knew more than me-Todays LIFERS.We send most of our West pointers out for 6 months to the rear of a combat unit to get a CIB. The rest we don’t send out at all. But LOOK AT ALL THE MEDALS. iF THEY HAVE AS MANY AS IT TOOK aUDIE mURPHY FOUR YEARS TO EARN THEY ARE LYING. And most have four or five times as many. Only they get them for -what the hell do they get them for-oh yeah-going to west point. Kissing ass. And spending money while they get brave people maimed.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Theres something about drones that’s just too much like Nazi unaimable civilian killing missiles.

  3. paolo. says:


    This has much more significance coming from you (a Vietnam Veteran) than coming from me.

    Our government is not “our” government. I’m beginning to think the “main” governments of the world (US, China, etc. – as opposed to countries like Haiti) are run by the same people. You won’t find their names on lists of politicians – but on lists of international money brokers.

    The terrible cost is in human life and suffering. The minor cost is that 350-million fools actually think they can change it by voting.

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