American Lungs Have Already Voted

It looks like California may pass Proposition 19 – decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use.  Since millions of Americans already smoke the stuff and enforcing anti-pot laws is nearly impossible, this is hardly big news. But leave it to the government to make a federal case out of nothing based on embarrassing stupidity.

US Attorney General Eric Holder recently said that if California voted this measure into law, the Federal government would step in and enforce its own anti-pot statutes in the state.

Eric – what the hell have you been smoking?

Let’s forget about a few big issues here like states’ rights, the fact that the Czar of the 40-year old, $1-Trillion “War on Drugs” admitted it’s a failure, and Obama has a lot more important things at which to fail (like his Mideast wars). Put all of that aside for a moment and try to remember this:

In 1996, when California passed its “medical marijuana” law,  Proposition 215, the Feds threatened the same thing.  The government was immediately taken to court – and lost.  It’s been 15-years now and remarkably our nation still stands – despite status quo dolts like you who are trying to protect the $10-Billion per year ANTI-drug industry.

2 Responses to “American Lungs Have Already Voted”

  1. Bill says:

    It’s all politics. The Democrats are on the run this year and are trying to establish their bonafides with the right wing. A hopeless task, but the Obama administration has been pretty clueless thus far. Tacking to the right will simply antagonize their natural base and not win one vote from the opposition.

    Hard to believe this bunch of morons did so well in the presidential campaign.

  2. Joe Belle-Isle says:

    Consider Republican Dickless never went to war Cheney’s Haliburton is still getting their $10 a can for cokes overseas and the same people are still getting rich off our (And their) dead and wounded-what morons are your talking about? I don’t believe the American people have had a free election where the money up front didn’t pick the WORST of either party to do the BEST for the money complex since IKE left office.
    Can’t say it enough-this term we fire all the Democrats-next term we fire Obama and all the republicans. The Arabs mistake was hitting the towers instead of congress when it was in session.
    AND just a personal thought-on the next easter Parade take Rosie O’donnell and pump 1000lbs of helium up her ass and fly her in Texas in a bullseye costume.

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