America: Overweight, Overpaid, and Over Here

Do you think the world loves America? I don’t mean the people of Libya who killed our Ambassador yesterday after we liberated them from Gadhafi. Or the Egyptians who overran our Embassy and tore down our flag in a little outburst of religious fanaticism. Nor the people for whom we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not Pakistan nor Turkey. Nor just about anyone else in the Mideast including many in Israel.  They all pretty much distrust and dislike this country.

But our “allies” like Britain, France, and Germany love us, right? Sorry. They’re not too fond of us either.

According to a survey of global opinions by YouGov, a prominent world research organization, most of the world just doesn’t trust our intentions no matter what we do.  When asked what word came to mind when hearing ‘America,’ the most common response was”bullying.”  For over 50-years we’ve sacrificed thousands of our troops and hundreds of billions of dollars in war and aid – trying to buy friends.  It hasn’t worked.

It’s time we got out of other nations and let them screw up their own problems.  We’ve definitely proved that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

3 Responses to “America: Overweight, Overpaid, and Over Here”

  1. kathryn quinn thomas says:

    All any one sees in this country is crazy Arabs. Until we can educate folks past that, we’re fucked elsewhere.

  2. Bill says:

    While some of our attacks on other nations can be justified, many cannot. When I was in college back in the 60s the foreign students from all over the world were of the opinion we had invaded Vietnam to shore up our economy. Whenever the U.S. invades another nation, foreigners evaluate the whys and wherefores, and greed or domestic politics are generally seen as the real reasons.

    For example, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, Saddam hated bin-Laden’s guts, Saddam was a secularist who had no weapons of mass destruction (which W and the boys knew), and yet we invaded Iraq. Why? Big bucks; that’s why.

    We kill innocent people all over the world, call it colateral damage, and are bewildered when the friends and family of the deceased get upset. We’re not just bullies; we’re stupid bullies.

  3. paolo. says:


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