Am I a Liberal or a Conservative?

I’m sometimes asked if I’m a Liberal or a Conservative. First off, I’m surprised anyone would care at all what I am. Second, these stereotypical labels make little sense today. If anything, I would consider myself a Libertarian and that usually doesn’t even make it into the conversation.  But I thought it might be fun (for me) to put my beliefs into recognized categories.

My Views Which Are Considered Liberal:

• Our military should be used ONLY to defend our country and international waterways. US out of everywhere! No more nation building nor “freedom police of the world.”

• I fully support gay rights including gay marriage.

• A hard separation between church and state.

• Pro-choice but with a heavy push for more sex education and free contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

• Legalize drugs and prohibit any laws on adult, consensual activities (gambling, prostitution, etc.)

My Views Which Are  Considered Conservative:

• I think regulated capitalism is great.

• More domestic oil and gas drilling to make us energy independent.

• No more gun laws because there are already over a billion guns in America and the laws don’t work anyway.

• English as the official language of the United States.

• Less regulation on the “environment” and cut alternative energy funding.

There are many issues which I really don’t understand fully (anything to do with the economy, Obamacare, stimulus ideas, etc.) I believe most of the people I hear on these subjects think they know what they’re talking about but are usually full of shit.

That’s where I stand.  What about you?

3 Responses to “Am I a Liberal or a Conservative?”

  1. Bill says:

    I call myself a pragmatic civil libertarian.

    Some people are also fiscal libertarians who want to do away with most taxes and what is now referred to as entitlements. Not pragmatic in my opinion.

    I agree with the above list of stands with two exceptions. #1. The U.S. has done pretty well with German, Italian, Polish, French, Ukrainian, et al immigrants over the years without making English the “official” lamguage. I see no need for it. #2. Like it or not, carbon based fuels will become scarce eventually. By all means, drill away, but we can’t pretend things will never change. Right now the Chinese gvt is heavily subsidizing R&D in the so-called green industries, and they’re not doing it for humanitarian purposes. We are short-sighted fools if we don’t do the same. Incidentally, I am 100% in favor of nuclear energy.

    All in all, we agree on most issues.

  2. Joseph Belle-Isle says:

    tHE cHINESE HAVE CORNERRED THE MARKET ON taking thrown out stuff and serating it for the good stuff, leaving the worlds biggest pile of hazradous waste to do something with-like maybe put it in our sheetrock or dog food. Dump it in the ocean like NYC does with it’s waste. HELL!! Put it in a rocket and send it back to us. When Obama took office they figured it would take China 16 more years to catch up to us in Gross National Product, But what the heck, they already passed us this year. But I can’t help thinking they ARE the biggest country in the world rapidly becoming industrialized and we had better help them with their nuclear power or one of their plants migh burn a whole all the way through the earth and come out in WATTS. IF we also teach them directional drilling.

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