‘Aloutte’ Pluck You


Target had a trippy, colorful commercial with a guaranteed earworm*.  We used to sing the song in kindergarten – in French – having no idea of the meaning.  It’s pretty bizarre.  The commercial’s theme is how Target can change your drab world of dull clothes into bright, exciting colors.

A hot air balloon floats down into brown-town filled with colorful, high energy acrobats. They race through the town whipping off the dull clothes of amazed people and replacing them with flashy apparel.

The song is OK – until you learn what it really says.  Alloute is a small, pretty bird we call a “lark.”  The song goes,

 Little skylark, lovely little skylark
 Little lark, I’ll pluck your feathers off
 I’ll pluck the feathers off your head
 Off your beak
 Off your neck
 Off your wings
 Off your head – off your head
 Little lark, little lark
 O-o-o-o-oh, alloute….

“Alloute” could be the theme song for potential serial killers who start by torturing animals.  I know a lot of fairy tales are pretty grisly too – so hey, I may be making too much of kids being exposed to happy violence.  We saw it when we were kids…

… and look how well we turned out.

* ‘I Have Earworms … She Said’ 


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