Abortion? No Comment.

A recent blogger in our city’s largest newspaper complained that the paper had little and unfair coverage about  anti-abortion protesters who went to Washington for their recent demonstration.

I wrote a comment in which I said some REAL news would be if the protesters ever adopted a rational position that PREVENTION – extensive birth control information and Plan B – is the best solution for unwanted pregnancies.  Preventing problems is always better than trying to solve them.

The writer chose not to allow my comment to appear.

To me this symbolizes why debating abortion is so ugly in this country.  Extremists on BOTH sides of the issue refuse to rethink their positions as the world changes around them.  If we all listened more to each other, perhaps this horrible tragedy of abortion could be eliminated.

As I’ve said to many anti-abortion activists, “Really – do you want to end abortion – or just protest for a religious agenda?”

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  1. Steve says:

    I’m with you on this.
    Right after they end abortion, then they’ll be complaining about all of the teens having children and going on welfare that their “god fearin’ tax dollars go to”…
    Now, either that, or they end welfare, end abortion and just let 15 yr. old girls starve in the streets with their kids.
    I dunno, seems like a no-brainer…that education, and teaching responsibility (not just trying to force abstinence on them), and birth control methods that work, along with consequences (even STD’s, etc)…
    but no, that would make sense.
    And then, of course, there’s more than a few grown-ups who shouldn’t be having kids too.
    But, hey, the war is ok.

  2. paolo. says:

    When anti-abortion people start talking about “lack of self-control”, I say “AGREED! Lack of control is a terrible thing. Now let’s start with YOUR lack of self-control which causes you to scream and spit up ignorance, emotional bile, and extreme religious beliefs overrunning your rational thought processes. ”

    And – not for nothing – with some troops withdrawing from Iraq, have you heard the newest neo-nasty bullshit? ” WE WON! Saddam (excuse #5) is gone! Hooray!”

    Know ones needs to take acid these days – just watch the news.

  3. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    We lost Iraq when our business leaders decided to buy oil from Saudi Arabia. Talk about religious nuts, American snake bite religious provers and Saudi arranged marriage for 1 yr old girls. Haiti- Haiti is Fixing Frances shit like Vietnam.99% of the help going to Haiti should be from the monkeys that sent the slaves there, the French. Our money from Osama Bin Laden Sr. and the Bin Laden Saudi family and their freinds are who we’re fighting and we won’t win poot fighting them everywhere like the jesus Freaks that will just keep popping up with more reasons to hate. You need a permit to have a kid in China or they will simply cut the babies brain stem at the moment of birth. Your pissed maybe because we don’t show pics of the civilians that get toasted? It’s a minuscule amount. Pics of Americans are not allowed so parents don’t find out about their children on TV. The 5,000 Civilians murderred and left on the jungle floor in ’68- their pics never were published either- hell it might add to ending the war. 60 miles from me and you don’t know about it. Both sides kill civilians and Westmoreland is a one sick prick. Along with probably 99% of all the other Gloryboy, never see combat West pointers. These pukeshit wars are just to draw attention away from Central America. They sure aren’t about OIL or Freedom. Wars are about $$$$$$$$$ and the Black market.

  4. paolo. says:

    jb-i: I have to say, I gave up on every country (including this one) long ago – the problems are hopeless! But then I see the face of one wasted Vet or one starving child and something sucks me back in to the rant. Never once (REALLY!) have I ever thought anything I do or say will make one iota of difference. But I want to be on the “human” side – maybe it’s genetic. It really doesn’t matter.

    All this writing on the blog, my newspaper comments, etc. is just ego. When I get smarter, I’ll just shut the fuck up and lower my blood pressure. Just make people laugh – let them enjoy a moment or two of life. That’s my assignment from headquarters and I don’t think they like me doing side jobs.

  5. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    Yeah Frank you really do have a gift for humor. I think no matter WHAT we wanted for the world around us the last several many years have been doing their best to put hopes on the sidelines for lots of different ideals. It is hard to make disappointed people laugh but hell Groucho Marx sure did and their contemporaries in the hardest times. I’ve been driving past the Zoo a lot lately and thinking I need to pull in as soon as the weather breaks and watch the newlyweds watch the monkey cages. And I’d love to do some acid just to do or to do just that. Hell give me some acid a screw the monkeys. Or give me and the newlyweds some acid and let the monkeys watch us watch them watch them watch us.

  6. Steve says:

    I’m with you , Frank, I gave up on this country long ago, also. I think the only difference between people like us, and the general sheeple, is that we’ll see it coming. We won’t be surprised….know what I mean?
    I mean, is there anything that would surprise you, or make you think, “Gee, never woulda’ thought I’d live to see that”

  7. Bill says:

    One side feels the government has no right to seize control of a woman’s body while the other believes termination of a pregnancy is murder.

    I’ve seen no proposal both groups could live with. No amount of listening is going to solve this problem.

  8. Joe Bele-Isle says:

    And an awful lot has to do with getting more people to stop by one loudmouths place to throw their money in a basket. I didn’t know my doctor was doing abortions but I knew he had an out of town office he worked one or two days a week. Then I found out he had some terrible luck practicing majic. That guy Mr. Gunn? In Tallahassee? Dumbass used a full load on the bullet Dr Brittain was supposed to catch with his teeth.

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