A Monday Encore Presentation

Bob’s Bigger, Better Banger

Remember Smilin’ Bob the guy who always wore a large grin because he swallowed ENZYTE every day?  ENZYTE was a herbal nutritional supplement which promised “natural male enhancement” – in other words, a larger penis – money back guaranteed.  Bob smiled, his wife smiled, even the women in the neighborhood smiled because they knew – one way or another – that Bob was gifted with an unusually large penile appendage.

The other men in Bob’s neighborhood weren’t smiling – and neither were federal agents who investigated Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals and its founders, Steve Warshack and his mother, Harriet in 2005.  Although ENZYTE is an herbal product and not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the agents found enough evidence to get a 112-count criminal indictment for fraudulent claims, mail fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy.

The Warshacks were found guilty and had to forfeit $500-million dollars in assets plus a 10-year jail sentence for Steve.  The forfeiture sent Berkley Nutraceuticals into bankruptcy where it was purchased by an investment firm for $2.75-million dollars.

Most of the money back guaranteed claims were dismissed because somewhere in the fine print, customers had to show visual proof (photographs, one hopes) of how the product DID NOT work. Most men just couldn’t get up the proof.

Smiling Bob:  https://www.google.com/


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