A Bimbo With a High IQ


You don’t have to be Jewish to dislike Ann Coulter but it doesn’t hurt (“Jews just need to be perfected.”). Neither does it hurt if you’re an Arab ( or “Camel Jockey” as she refers to you), Gay (“Faggots”) or Japanese (“Nips”). Even rabid right-wingers get a little twitchy when Ann starts spewing her venom.

America has come a long way in respecting minorities. White sheets have been replaced by a peroxided blond with ironed straight hair and cold, Nazi eyes. This educated ditz SHOULD be on TV – turning vowels or pointing out prizes on the ‘Price is Right’. The problem comes when she opens her mouth and spits out her poison. It all sounded better in the original German.

For a great satiric song about Annie, click here:


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  1. […] “Bimbo With A High IQ – #1″ is Anne Coulter.  Coulter is even MORE whiney and sarcastic than Graham.  This blog, “Everyone Has A Right To My Opinion” has over 2500-posts.  The post that got the highest number of clicks is “Bimbo With A High IQ” about Coulter.  You can read it (and listen to it) here. […]

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