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Saint Christina The Astonishing

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

Patron Saint Of The Crazy

There are hundreds of Patron Saints in the Catholic Church.  Catholic doctrine teaches Patron Saints intercede with God for you.  They’re kind of like holy lawyers pleading your special needs. Saints are chosen by particular groups because they have similar interests, talents, or behaviors. 

St. Christina The Astonishing (circa 1100 AD in Belgium) is a good example.  She renounced all comforts of life and eagerly sought all that could cause her suffering. She would jump into burning furnaces, plunge into frozen rivers for days at a time, and run through thickets of thorns chased by mad dogs. Christina did all of this and never suffered a scratch although she did seem to have some issues.  People called her crazy, astonishing – and made her the Patron Saint of the mentally ill.



Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

…By Making Them Unnecessary

Although America still leads the entire western world in abortion, the Center for Disease Control says our rates have been decreasing since 2011. Sex education and easy-to-get birth control were the major factors in helping our numbers go down. Waving bloody signs and cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood were not mentioned as any help at all. 

Religious people still refuse to adopt the rational position that PREVENTION is the best solution for unwanted pregnancies.  Preventing problems is always better than trying to solve them. How many unwanted pregnancies could they have helped prevent in all of these years if they used common sense?

Do religious people really want to stop abortions – or just slam their beliefs down our throats?

Lowest abortion rate since Roe v. Wade:

(Yawn) – they’re beating a dead horse.


IDA Kills 4 & Drowns NYC Subway!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021