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Baron Daemon

Saturday, May 29th, 2021

In the early 1960s, Saturday afternoon monster movies on local TV had “horror hosts” who really were horrible. Many were take-offs of “real” Hollywood movie ghouls and monsters.

Usually these guys truly sucked and most of us kids knew it. We did crude impersonations of them especially mocking their “transylvania” accents and laughs.

Syracuse, New York’s host was Mike Price, a local TV weatherman. Mike took 2-maybe 3-minutes to slap on awful make-up and a Salvation Army “Dracula” costume. He then became “Baron Daemon” (think: Count Dracula) before introducing the horror movie.

In 1962, he recorded “The Transylvania Twist,” an instantly-forgettable ditty including the words “Grab ahold of your baby, don’t leave her alone. She might be a date for Baron Daemon!”

As a special treat for all of you ‘boils and ghouls’ out there, you can hear it here: