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Who Will Clean Up Your Last Mess?

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

There are twice the number of suicides than murders in the US.  And often people just don’t go quietly into that good night.  Guns – by far  – issue the largest number of one-way, nonstop tickets to never-ever land. And they make a mess.

The problem is:  who’s going to sparkle and shine up a person’s last grand gesture of painting the walls, spraying the furniture, and splattering the rug?  After the body is taken away and the authorities lock up the place, who’s going to start cleaning this interior design of gore-decor topped with yellow, crime-scene tape?  Obviously, the person responsible is not going to be of much help.

Fortunately there are people who make their living doing this sort of thing and can eat their lunch while on the job.  Many employees are undocumented workers who won’t talk about their jobs because they don’t speak English. They’re called “Gore-Whores.”

The link below will take you to the most famous company in the field and which may have a franchise open near you.

Gore-company: Link

Tune me OUT!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

Friends just brought me home from the middle of a concert. They were very kind and insisted on bringing me home instead of letting me take a cab. (Thanks, Jim and Patty.)

The jazz band was fine – I’ve known all the members for years – but I JUST DON’T LIKE MUSIC! I really never have. I’m just now starting to admit it.

Over 9-out-of-10 of you have no idea what I’m talking about. Music to most people is as natural as breathing.

If you don’t like what’s playing, you turn it down or tune it out. But to some of us, music is a distracting and annoying assault on our ears – even if we voluntarily subject ourselves to it for social acceptance. And it really doesn’t matter much in what format it’s played.

“Musical anhedonia is a neurological condition characterized by an inability to derive pleasure from music. People with this condition, unlike those suffering from music agnosia, can recognize and understand music but fail to enjoy it.”

I once asked a psychologist if he ever had clients who didn’t like music. His answer was perfect:

“Oh sure,” he said, “but they’re nuts.”