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An Unexpected Side Effect

Friday, April 2nd, 2021
“Praise To God” Tower in Rangoon

I got my 2nd Covid shot on Wednesday at about 11:00 AM. I really had no memorable side effects from the first one about three weeks before.

In the cab on the way home, I had a strange feeling:

I was becoming aroused.

Really! I was trying to think what could have caused that? It certainly wasn’t the needle prick. Nor the group of masked volunteers. I hadn’t had sex in awhile (actually I haven’t had sex in so long, I forget who gets tied up.) The seat vibrations? Hmmm.

The inescapable conclusion was that it was the 2nd Covid shot!
I had never heard of this as an advertised benefit. But what should I do?

I certainly wasn’t going to complain. The back seat of a cab isn’t exactly ideal for ringing your own chimes. And a woman friend of mine (not known for her medical expertise) rarely got up before noon.

As I entered my building, I thought of a quote by Walter Cronkite during his last few years. When asked what advice he would give to older men, Walter replied, “Never walk past a rest room and never ignore an erection.”

Walter was a smart man!