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What Dr. Suess and Gov. Cuomo Have In Common

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021
  • What Was Acceptable Then, Is Not Acceptable Today

Depicting racial stereotypes and making suggestive remarks to women were never really accepted but they were tolerated (barely – and not by everyone) 30- or 40- years ago.

Today they are both as out of place as a rabbit-ears antennae on a flat screen TV.

What do we do about them?

The Dr. Suess people are missing a wonderful opportunity to teach children some valuable lessons. The six, yanked books should be printed exactly as they are with one additional page: a teaching page.

In simple language kids can understand, it would explain why some people feel hurt by foolish stereotypes and racist images. Most kids will understand and learn something.

Governor Cuomo? I think we should do just what he asks: suspend judgement until the facts are in and the investigation is closed. This is, after all, America, where our justice system features a presumption of innocence until guilt is proven.

Does anyone think NYS Attorney Leticia James really will let this slide or cover it up? Uh-uh.

I hope we can discuss these ideas in a civilized way.