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Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Thank You, Gov. Cuomo

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

Governor Andrew Cuomo made a number of mistakes when COVID-19 first came to New York over a year ago. He’s admitted that. Of course he’s sorry – but compared to other politicians facing the new disease, he did very well for New Yorkers.

Using limited information available at the time, there was never a doubt he had our health and the safety of our people as his top priorities. Politics and self-interest were never major factors in any of his actions.

Can the same be said for Governors Abbot (R-Texas), DeSantis (R-Florida), many other governors, or Disgraced, EX-President Asswipe?

Consider the ignorance, denial, deflection, politics, and personal gain these losers gushed when faced with many of the same COVID decisions.

Their criticism is awash with hypocrisy and drowning in jealousy.