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Monday, January 18th, 2021


Why I HATE donald trump!

Monday, January 18th, 2021
  1. 400,000+ Covid-deaths by incompetence, indifference,
    and inadequate government response.
  2. Lies, Lies, DAILY LIES!
  3. Kids in cages at our border
  4. Muslim ban attempt
  5. Dumped America’s allies
  6. Massive tax cuts for the rich
  7. Making racism acceptable!
  8. Lifting environmental restrictions
  9. Reintroduced Federal death penalty
  10. Chose Russia over US Intel Agencies
  11. Religious hypocrisy
  12. Tried to cut Obamacare
  13. Has no Healthcare plan of his own
  14. Calls media “enemy of the people”
  15. Tweets (Up to 160/ day!)
  16. Mocks disabled reporter
  17. Pardons for his fellow crooks
  18. Refusal to release taxes
  19. Cut Medicare and Medicaid
  20. Tried to overturn fair election
  21. Damaging rumors like “Voter Fraud”
  22. Incited MAGGOTS to riot at Capitol
  23. Stealing $ from Children’s Cancer Charity
  24. Ridiculous theory about the “Deep State”
  25. Favoring states which voted for him
  26. Crushing peaceful protest for photo op
  27. Covering Up the murder of Jamal Khashoggi
  28. trump Hotel “Emollient,” Washington, DC
  29. Preferential treatment for Ivanka’s businesses
  30. Donnie, Jr. & Ivanka nepotism
  31. SpaceForce Nonsense
  32. Golf – every 3rd day of his administration!
  33. GOYA Beans endorsement
  34. Childish name-calling
  35. Dictator worship
  36. “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?”
  37. Stone, Bannon, Manafort, & the rest of his scum
  38. Over-charging Secret Service for required stays
  39. Inauguration  theft and lies
  40. Stealing campaign contributions
  41. Disrespecting “Gold Star” family
  42. Election fraud
  43. Conspiracy theories
  44. Covid bleach shots
  45. Little sense of humor
  46. BRAGGING, continual BRAGGING!
  47. Lousy make-up and hair dye
  48. “My African-American”
  49. pulled us out of Paris Accord
  50. Diamond & Silk Minstrel Show
  51. FOX NEWS
  52. Q-Anon
  53. “My Generals”
  54. Whined for big military parade
  55. “Can’t get justice from “Mexican” judges
  56. Continues to ignore Russian hack
  58. I’ve done more for the Blacks than Abraham Lincoln!”
  59. The slow, stumbling roll-out of the Covid vaccine
  60. Calls COVID : “Chinese Virus” to deflect blame from him
  61. “Stop the Steal”
  62. Blocks vital information to sabotage Biden transfer of power
  63. Refuses to go to the Inauguration
  64. Wants big, flashy ‘send-off’
  65. Selling pardons
  66. Slaps LBGT community over adoption
  67. W H I N I N G ! ! !  Always WHINING !!!

When trump leaves the White House, his supporters will try to perfume his Presidency. I don’t want America to ever forget the true, slimy, disgusting facts above. If you agree, please send this post to your friends.