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He’s Lower Than Snake-Shit

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

As I write this, the Georgia primary is going on. Its way too early to predict a winner.

Pathetic, disgraced President Asswipe has been whining “voter fraud!” since he lost the election. He’s also tried to strong-arm the Georgia Attorney General with his hour-long, bullying phone call to rig votes FOR HIM.

There HAS BEEN “voter fraud” – by the Orange Maggot himself!

Remember when he drastically cut the number of voting places so fewer people could vote? Slowed the Post Office so mail-in ballots would be derailed? Encouraged Republican goons to intimidate voters at the polls? And continually sniveled that the whole election was a FRAUD?

This disgusting shit-stain of a man probably couldn’t get the Russians to help him like they did in 2016. They’re sick of him too despite his loud kissing of their asses for 4-years.

I can’t wait for the day after Joe Biden’s inauguration. That’s when Letitia James, New York’s Attorney General, taps him on his shoulder and then CRUSHES HIS BALLS!

You Don’t Have To Take Off Your Clothes

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

 WARNING: This post contains graphic descriptions of human sexuality. 

It may not be suitable for parents.

Condoms are distributed on request in my city’s high schools.  They seem to be bringing down the rate of unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases no matter how loudly the parents are screaming.

“My little Susie doesn’t do THAT!” Right.  I used to know little Susie and she did do that – plus a lot of other stuff.  These kids aren’t getting pregnant and STD’s from the Tooth Fairy.  It’s time we accepted reality and help them make better choices.

People believe we have sex education in schools but what we really have are organ recitals.  A clear list of choices (including abstinence and “How to Tell Your Boyfriend “No”) should be taught early. One of those choices should be outercourse.


Although definitions vary, outercourse is sex play without vaginal, anal, or oral penetration.  Outercourse can include hot talk, erotic fantasy, spicy role-plays, sensual massage, bathing together, mutual masturbation, and dry sex (aka: dry humping or frottage).

Outercourse is simple, convenient, and free and can satisfy both partners.  But the main advantages are there’s virtually no chance for unwanted pregnancies or diseases.  Skeptical?  Think kids will just slide into “home” without rounding first, second, and third “base”?  Maybe.  But until they learn there are many other exciting options, we’re going to continue to get what we’ve got which is tragic.