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Mask-Less, Hysterical, Nitwits

Sunday, November 15th, 2020

They weeped, they yelled, they whined loudly (sob, sob) and they SMELLED! Brainwashed MAGA chumps swarmed a street in Washington, egged-on by their pig-faced, LOSER cocksplat.

Don’t get behind this guy in a self-service buffet line!

A smelly cloud of noticeable odor hung over the group. It was filled with rage, ignorance, defeat, and urine (they didn’t set up enough port-a-potties.)

They said the election was “rigged.” It was. In 2016 – when poisonous, Russian fingers gave our democracy this orange asshole.

2020 was NOT rigged! And for the first time in American history, a DEFEATED Presidential candidate REFUSED to concede and graciously help the transition to a new administration.

Did anyone really expect he’d do any better?