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Am I A Bad Person?

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Donald trump is a mess. Insiders say he goes from being extremely morose and staring at the floor to yelling and throwing tantrums and pens. He sees votes that aren’t there in the shadows and rages to any simp who will listen.

I couldn’t be happier! I LOVE IT! Whine, you little bitch!

When I get a rare pang of remorse for delighting in his misery, I remind myself of the 240,000 thousand dead Covid victims and their families killed by his incompetence. I remember how he’s lied every single day of his presidency and tried to destroy cherished American institutions so the stock market was bumped up a few lousy points.

I’ll always remember his arrogance, the smirk behind his makeup, flipping off our allies, and the orange in his hair.

If you strip away the horseshit, all you’ll see is an insensitive, old man, of average intelligence and no sense of humor, who fell into a job that was way over his head.

Too bad President Orange Asswipe; and too bad for the American people.