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I’ll Vote For Asswipe …

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

… when he supports our own intelligence agencies over Putin.

… when he reunites parents with the border children whom he locked in cages.

… when he stops destroying our environment.

… when he starts giving more tax breaks to average Americans than to his rich friends and supports real oversight.

… when he starts rebuilding Puerto Rico years after the devastating storm.

… when he fires William Barr and stops supporting his old political hacks like General Flynn and Roger Stone.

… when he denounces the Confederate flag and traitor statues.

… when he stops tweeting and calling people childish names.

… when he stops LYING, LYING, LYING!

… when he stops stealing money from our troops to build his wall.

… when he admits the Charlottesville White Power Nazis weren’t so good after all.

… when he tries to salvage his disastrous Covid-19 response.

… when he acknowledges he’s a racist and ‘Black Lives Matters’ is a legitimate cause. And …

… when he promises to do the “Mussolini Swing” after he loses the election.