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US Racism – Worse Than 2012

Monday, June 15th, 2020

(Originally published 2012)

I was having a drink with an old friend.  His name also ends in a vowel.

“I don’t see why they get a holiday for this guy.” (Martin Luther King)

I shrugged. “Hell, guineas get Columbus Day,” I said.

“Don’t say ‘guineas’ Franco.”

“Why?  You’ve called black people ‘niggers’ – what’s the difference?”

“There’s a big difference. They call themselves ‘niggers’ so why can’t I?”

“Well, I’m a guinea – why can’t I call guineas, guineas?”

“Look, Franco, Italians came here for the American Dream. They wanted to work and raise great families – not lie around, collect welfare checks, and watch big screen TV’s.”

“Yah, those damn Africans were fighting to jump on the slave ships to get over here in chains! Their families were destroyed twice by slave traders – once over there and again over here.

So there’s been generation after generation growing up without strong family values and pride – depending on the government. You’re proud of your family and their achievements, right?”

“Of course Franco, but the shit you said happened a million years ago – we’re not responsible for what happened then.”

“Not responsible but we’re paying for it.  ‘What we’ve sown, we are reaping.’

“That’s not fair.”


August 12th is the 3rd anniversary of “Charlottesville” – remember? Nazis with tiki torches marching through the streets of an American city. And then murdering a protester.

“Very fine people on both sides,” said pathetic President Asswipe.