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July 29, 2019

Monday, July 29th, 2019

trump’s “Personal” Problem

I first heard the rumor during one of the 2016 Republican Presidential debates. Now it may be a sign of something more significant and America should know what the whispering is about.

Simply, President Asswipe has bromhidrosis – a foul body odor.

A number of reporters and golf partners have commented on the large amount of cologne trump uses. Since he also dyes his hair, wears makeup, and sweats a lot, too much perfume does not seem out of character. However, when he forgets to put it on, his real-life alternative odor is distinctive and far from pleasant.

Bromhidrosis can be a symptom of many serious, physical ailments. But I fear something worse.

Health experts know that when an adult starts to experience a severe psychological break-down, ignoring personal hygiene and large weight fluctuations are early indications of psychosis. The facts that trump has gained nearly 40-pounds in 2-years and is reluctant to shower may indicate he’s rapidly heading for a mental collapse.

Most Americans know that President Asswipe’s policies stink. Now we’re learning – so does he.