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“Let’s Crawl Like The Kid”

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Do dogs mimic human behavior?

What’s trumpass Hiding In His Taxes?

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Let’s start with a logical assumption: if asswipe had nothing to hide, he would have made his taxes public long ago. Obviously it’s less damaging to take the guff for hiding them than what he’d have to suffer if they were released.

Here’s what I think:

1. He’s not as rich as he says.  What horseshit is he shoveling? $10-Billion of net worth? Many financial analysts put the figure closer to $1 to $3-Billion.  Still a lot of money – but nothing like he boasts.

2. He probably pays less income tax than you do. His deductions – everything from jet fuel to tax attorneys to hair spray must be enormous. And embarrassing.

3. He gives much less to charity than he brags. To listen to him, he’s a magnanimous donor to everyone from Vets to sick children. A number of articles have suggested that’s way far from the truth.

4. He’s given money to “questionable” causes and shady foundations. His trumpets would certainly question donations to Planned Parenthood, liberal politicians, or the Clinton Foundation. And government auditors are checking his ties to Russian oligarchs and interest from his off-shore deposits.

5. Since he’s been involved in casinos and construction, you know there are connections to organized crime somewhere.  It’s just a question of finding them and being able to prove them in court.

6.  Whatever money he has is “clean.”  It’s probably been laundered more times than your favorite, old t-shirt!

Pathetic President Asswipe’s minion’s are even more gullible than the general public.  They’d believe him if he said the dog ate his tax paperwork.  Unfortunately for him, the IRS is not nearly as naïve.