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The GREATEST NFL Quarterback

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019


My Yearbook Analysis

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

Of COURSE the picture is of Northam. That some yearbook editor would find this racist picture and JUST BY COINCIDENCE drop it on “Coonman’s” page … IS RIDICULOUS!

But there are 2-things people are missing here. Look at the quote. It’s about “old drunks” and “doctors.” The book is Northam’s medical school yearbook. And the kids are drinking beer.  Do you see the connection?

More important is the discrepancy in height of the subjects. Google lists Northam’s height at 6-feet. The other person is much shorter. It’s probably his date (his wife?) who isn’t anxious to admit she went to a costume party in Ku Klux Klan sheets. Obviously Northam is the one in blackface.

Going to a party in blackface when you’re 25- is horrible. But LYING about it when the proof is printed right here – is inexcusable.


Will You Be Arrested Today?

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

The Superbowl is today – gonna make a bet? – it’s the largest betting event of the year.  97% of Superbowl bets are ILLEGAL and Las Vegas gets less than 1-percent of the action. It’s estimated over $12-BILLION DOLLARS will be bet in America.

Will the police be making mass arrests over the weekend? Doubt it. But should the people themselves decide which laws to obey and which they can break? Hmmm.

Can the “criminal” and the “victim” BE THE SAME PERSON ?

Tell you what – if you think we should follow every law the government lays down – if you believe it knows how to live your life better than you, here’s what you do: Sunday evening, call your local police station. Tell them a large group of people is flagrantly breaking the law by gambling on the Superbowl – and you want them arrested! NOW!

(PS. in NY, an involuntary mental health arrest can only get you institutionalized for 3 days – you’ll be out by Wednesday.)

Superbowl betting:

Wanna win? PATRIOTS by 3-points!

(I have never missed in 9-years!)