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Laughter Is The Best Drug

Thursday, January 17th, 2019


Why do we laugh when other people laugh?

Many articles say most people usually don’t laugh when they’re alone.  Uh-oh.  I often laugh when I’m alone!  I sometimes wake myself up by laughing in my sleep.  What does that mean? (I can tell you what my ex-wife who’s a psychologist says it means but that’s another story.) Do you laugh when you’re alone?  I don’t mean a little chuckle or snort – I mean a full-out, loud laugh!  ‘Uh-oh’ for you either way.


Cats are very sensitive about being laughed at.  Go ahead and laugh!  You might get a pile of thanks on your living room rug.

Many people cover their mouths when they laugh.  Perhaps it’s an old habit from ancient times to prevent the devil from getting into their mouths.  Or maybe they have bad teeth.

Most people think they have a good sense of humor.  That’s pretty funny. Most people don’t.

I’ll bet you’ve laughed in the last 30-seconds.



Randy Rainbow – ‘Wall’

Thursday, January 17th, 2019