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December 27, 2018

Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Pathetic President Tiny Asswipe continues to be an international embarrassment – this time with US troops.

After finally being shamed into visiting them, trumpass lied his ass off. He said they’re getting a 10% pay hike (they’re not) and the imaginary boost was their first raise in 10-years (it’s not!)

Hey trumpets: have you checked your 401Ks recently? How do you like the partial government shutdown with no reopening in sight? Matiss being fired? No confirmed Dep’t of Defense Chief, Attorney General, Chief of Staff, nor UN Rep? The stock market plunging?

Don’t worry, we’re not giving you a chance to fuck up again. There’s a 2-to-1 chance AGAINST asswipe even running in 2020!


The”Black Pearl”

Thursday, December 27th, 2018


Josephine Baker was an American-born French dancer, singer, and actress who became an international musical and political icon. Her outrageous acts and scandals rocked the world – but her talent was always beyond dispute.

Baker was the first African-American female to star in a major motion picture, Zouzou (1934), to integrate an American concert hall, and to become a world-famous entertainer. She is also noted for being a spy for France and working with the French resistance against Germany during WWII.  At the end of the war, she was awarded the Croix de Guerre, a high military honor, by Charles DeGaulle himself.

For years Baker also made many contributions to the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.  After Martin Luther King was assassinated, she was offered the unofficial leadership of the movement by Coretta Scott King but turned it down for the safety of her children.  Ms. Baker died in 1975.

You can read much more about Josephine Baker’s fascinating life here.