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A Friday Encore Presentation

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Do You Tip Your Doctor?


A woman friend was surprised to hear I tip my Doctor. I thought everyone did.

“Nobody tips her Doctor!” she said.  Well of course they do – at least in cities like New York, LA., and Rochester.  I never had one call me to give the money back. The argument sent us scurrying to the Internet and I quickly found this quote on a reputable site:

“Although not common, about 1 in 5 patients discretely leave a tip for their physician because of higher medical malpractice costs, large student loans, and lower co-payments.  As one doctor said, ‘It doesn’t change my service to the patient – but it’s nice to be appreciated.  I usually use the money to buy coffee and bagels for my staff.’”

“Well how would you do it?” she blurted.

I explained that it was acceptable to leave a $10- or $20- bill, neatly folded, under the keyboard or desktop. Just a little of the bill should be visible and nothing need be said.  Obviously you don’t throw a handful of change on the counter or leave two bucks under a crumbled examination gown.

She still looked skeptical.  “I’m going to find out about this,” she hissed. 

That’s what she usually says when she loses an argument.

Physician Etiquette Today: