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Donnie Sent Me Ballot

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Did the Russians Interfere in the 2018 Elections?

Nazi Porno Actress For Hire (Cheap)

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Her Politics Suck Too

Now nobody wants Nazi-Porn Star Ina Groll. Ms. Groll, 28, was a spokeswoman for the National Democratic Party of Germany – a racist, Neo-Nazi, political group.  A few of the boys went to see her latest release, ‘Kitty Discovers Sperm,’ and were shocked to see her on screen having sex with a black man!  They immediately fired her ass along with the rest of her exposed body parts and said she was a “disgrace to her race.”

As soon as her terminated face appeared in the media, Germany’s large porn industry unanimously decided to boycott her for her political views. One industry leader said,  “She certainly has no chance of filming any more porn movies after her Nazi links were revealed. I personally advised the producers to keep her as far away as possible;  people like her need to be ignored by everyone.”

With few career choices left to her, Ms. Groll might consider a new position in human trafficking, lampshade manufacturing, or in President Asswipe’s White House.

Ina Groll today:

Ina Groll pictures: