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My Sight Is 2020

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

I want you to read it here first: there’s only a 50-50 chance Tiny Asswipe will run for President in 2020. Consider:

1. trumpass will run only if he thinks he can win.
He has too much ego to go down as a loser. The economy, scandals, and the hatred he generates might make him say, “Hey – I don’t need this shit. I made ‘President’ – that’s enough!”

2. His health sucks.
Have you seen him lately? There’s not enough pumpkin makeup in the world to cover his pale, bloated puss. The only people who think Asswipe is healthy are a Manhattan physician who hasn’t examined him in over 20-years and a day-drunk-doctor who thinks he’ll live until he’s 200.

3. The investigation-S.
The Mueller probe has produced 35-indictments and 5-guilty pleas all of whom are singing, “The Pussy Grabber” Made Me Do It!”  New York State, the City of New York and many others can’t wait to get him into court!

The entire trump family is as crooked as a bucket of fish hooks and smells as bad. Asswipe’s not hiding those tax returns to conserve paper!

trumpass MAY run – but if he doesn’t, remember, you read it here first.


4-Days Until Halloween

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

Says It All

(Thank you “Friends Who Like Randy Rainbow”)