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So Dumb He Takes 2-Hours To Watch 60-Minutes

Monday, October 15th, 2018


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A Monday Encore Presentation

Monday, October 15th, 2018

I Refuse To Be A Flying Sardine




My new sunglasses cost about $100. In my life I can’t remember ever paying more than $5-bucks for a pair in a Dollar Store. Why the splurge? Because I paid for them with my United Airlines Frequent Flier miles which I won’t be needing any longer.

I’ve gone to Europe to visit my family for each of the last two years. I was planning to go again this year but then I thought more about it and said ‘no.’

It’s NINE hours from New York to Paris in an ass-squishing, 16-1/2-inch seat which tilts backwards only at the risk of pissing off another passenger. Since I always choose aisle seats, I’m treated to the distink pleasure of a crowded parade of asses on their way to and from a disgusting bathroom. I thought I lost my sense of smell years before rehab – but SURPRISE!

Me after my last Paris to New York flight.

Me, after my last Paris to New York flight.

A round-trip in first class costs about 4 or 5-times more than coach. That’s in the $6000-neighborhood from America to Europe. When I traveled for business, my clients often put me in first class and I learned it really wasn’t such a big deal. A little more room, a few free drinks, a warm, wet face towel, and fewer asses. But really? For an additional $4500-bucks? Nooo – not for me.

The airlines are very profitable. Capitalism is supposed to make prices competitive and a better deal for consumers. “Crony-capitalism” is when companies and government regulatory agencies get in bed with each other to squeeze customers for every dime. Guess which one is flying in the unfriendly skies these days?


Feeling squished together now on planes? An idea patented by airlines is the double-deck aircraft; people literally seated on top of each other. Tell me what it’s like – I won’t be there.

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