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August 5, 2018

Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Pathetic President Asswipe held another campaign rally last night and who came along but the young, lovely Hope Hicks.

The media was shocked! Staffers know the mere sight of Hicks,  whom trumpass once referred to as “a great piece of tail,” infuriates Melania like no other woman.

It appears, once again, I must point out the BFO – the “Blinding Fucking Obvious.”

In the last few weeks Melania has publicly insulted the Orange Cheeto TWICE by: 1. declaring she’ll watch CNN any time she wants, and 2. supporting LeBron Jame’s school over her husband’s insulting tweets. I guess she’s been humiliated enough by the asshole who cheated on her for a year with a Playboy Bunny and then cheated on the bunny with a porn star.

Thin-skinned Asswipe could only take so much payback.  Sometimes, when he’s down, he needs some Hope.  BFO: