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March 20, 2018

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

I do not believe opioid pharmaceutical executives should get the death penalty.

President Asswipe’s New Conspiracy Lawyer:

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Thinks Space Aliens Have Infiltrated Justice Department.

No. Don’t YOU Know How Fast I Was Going?

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

“Told You They’d Forget About Them”

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018



Twang Ain’t Orange Juice

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

What is it about Country & Western Songs? A friend sent over this list and if some of these aren’t real songs, they darn well should be.

“I Hate Every Bone In Her Body But Mine”

“Never Gone To Bed With an Ugly Woman But I Woke Up With a Few”

“Wouldn’t Take Her To A Dogfight ‘Cause I’m Scared She’d Win”

“I’m So Miserable Without You It’s Like You’re Still Here”

“My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend And I Miss Him”

“She Took My Ring and Gave Me the Finger”

“It’s Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chewed My Ass Out All Day”

“Get Your Tongue Out of My Mouth ‘Cuz I’m Kissing You Goodbye”

“I Went to Bed at 2 With a 10 and Woke up at 10 With a 2”

“Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goalposts of Life”

Models Who Specialize In ‘Hand Jobs’

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018


Oh – grow up!  That’s what they’re called.  And they’re more popular than face shots.

Hand modeling:


Even I stepped in for a ‘hand job.’  Can you spot my mundane mitt?