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Did Castro Kill Kennedy?

Friday, October 27th, 2017

When John Kennedy was President, there were at least SIX CIA attempts on Cuban Premier Fidel Castro’s life. From shootings to poisonings and even an exploding cigar – the U.S. tried everything to kill the dictator. When Lyndon Johnson took over and discovered this, he bellowed, “They were running a goddamn ‘Murder Inc.’ down there!”

Around noon in Havana on November 22, 1963, Castro was having lunch with a French journalist. Midway through the meal, one of the dictator’s aids rushed in and whispered something in his ear. The journalist later reported Castro “turned white” and said, “Jesus! They killed Kennedy and now they’ll blame us and invade!” He immediately left for his office.

Castro had good reason to be paranoid. He was only 90-miles away from the world’s largest, nuclear superpower with a powerful CIA – which was trying its best to kill him. Would the young Communist be dumb enough to give us a public reason for doing that? Hardly. Castro was a lot of things – but he wasn’t stupid.

Years later, yet another ‘60’s plot against Castro was discovered. The good folks at the CIA were going to ‘emasculate’ Fidel in front of the Cuban people. They came up with some bizarre powder that was supposed to make his beard fall out!  It didn’t work.

This strange scheme may actually have come closest to killing the dictator. When he learned about it, aids said Castro “almost died laughing.”

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