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Wednesday, October 11th, 2017


This is a ‘come-hither look’ – a phrase first coined in America in the 1920’s. It’s an invitation to “connect” – usually sexually.  I vaguely remember it from my distant, distant past.

Overt flirting in our culture is going the way of the 8-track tape player.  Today a lot of flirting is electronic.  What we used to do to flirt would now be considered stalking.

Something I learned long ago: if you make a gentlemanly pass at a woman who isn’t interested, she’ll forgive you if you’re cool about it.  If she wants you to make a pass and you don’t – she’ll hate you the rest of her life.

In typical, straight sex, women are the decision makers – it’s their game and they own the field, the bat, and the balls.

Worst pick up lines ever:

Best Breast Quotes

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017



(There must be deep significance in the woman on the right holding a cup and Missy saying the word .)

Best Breast quotes (not all of low consciousness):

It Was The Breast Of Times

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

It makes me sad to think most women in our culture don’t like their own breasts these days.  They think they’re too big, too small, not pointing up, not the same size, sagging, asymmetrical, or have the wrong size nipples.  They think men look at skin flicks and one-hand magazines and compare their breasts to those pictured.

Some men do. You can tell them when they walk by because they’re  hunched over and scraping their knuckles on the sidewalk.  But most men probably don’t think of womens’ breasts as much as women do – and that’s sad if women think about them (and themselves) in a negative way.

There’s a neat site named 007b that shows hundreds of breasts in all shapes and sizes.  There’s also an accompanying story from each woman describing her relationship with her breasts.  It’s basically by women for women but guys can learn a lot here and women can learn they are not alone when they mistakenly think less of their breasts.