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“Let Obamacare Fail!”

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

What would happen if Obamacare fails?

Asian Pick Up Line

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Asians In Sports

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017


Asians in sports:

Hopeless?  Naaw – what’s hopeless is going to a major math exam and seeing the Asian kid shaking his head.

Why Do Asians Succeed? Pushy-Parents

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017




Asian Parent Jokes:

You forget to study….I forget to feed you.

 Daylight savings time, you gain extra hour for homework.

 Calculator? Why not CalcuNow!

 You have small boobs because only A’s are acceptable.

 You finish all your homework? Do IT AGAIN!

 You cure Cancer? What about AIDS?

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I Swear trumpass Is Tripping!

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

He now wants a see-through wall so no innocents are hurt when drug dealers throw heavy bags over his yet-to-be-built structure.  If trumpass really wants ‘transparency,’ he should start with his tax returns.
Thank you, Alan Riggs