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‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


Winter Mix Of Steam, Buildings, And Clouds

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


More terrace pictures:


Fresh Out Of The Can

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Like Sardines in a CanI know you know why so many sardines are squished into a flat can: the fish are cheaper than the oil used to pack them. You knew that, right? Of course – but what kind of fish are sardines? Are there schools of sardines swimming around the oceans – especially in the Mediterranean next to Sardinia where they got their name?

Well, yes and no. You see, lots of fish can be sardines. There’s really no official species that qualifies – until it gets close to the can. Sardines can be herrings, round herrings, pilchards, sprats and many other kinds of fish. The only defining characteristic of sardines is size -they must be under 4-inches. That’s it.

I hate it when things are defined only by size.

 Sardine art:



My Mom And Dad In The 1940s

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


The overwhelming thing I remember about both of them was how kind they were. To everyone. Family, friends, each other. They would never say one negative thing about anyone. I wish this son was more like them.