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Butanna-Mama And Her Bimbo-In-Training

Monday, December 26th, 2016


Sarah Burge is the British mom who calls herself the “Human Barbie.” She’s spent more than $800,000 on plastic surgery to transform herself into the absurdly-proportioned, iconic doll.  Now she wants her 8-year old daughter to follow in her Triple D Boob Cups.

Sarah, 51, gave her daughter Poppy an unusual gift for the girl’s 8th birthday:  a $12,000 plastic surgery gift voucher.  She hopes Poppy uses it for breast augmentation when she turns older.  Last Christmas she gave the girl a voucher for liposuction. Burge said she wants Poppy to be happy and grow up with confidence.


“I’m investing in my child’s future.”  Sarah says.

There are no plans yet on a future operation that will suck the brains out of Poppy’s head so she can be as stupid and superficial as her Mother.


Sarah Burge update:

Kiss Me You Tool

Monday, December 26th, 2016


Was Valentino gay?

Don’t Eat The Snapper

Monday, December 26th, 2016

The ultimate bait and switch swindle swims before it scams. The expensive tuna you buy is probably escolar – a white-fleshed fish in the snake mackerel family – and any similarities to real tuna are just the words on the label. Escolar makes some people sick – especially those who’ve paid $9.99/pound for tuna and get a pound of some anonymous fish worth about a buck.

The marine conservation group Oceana took fish DNA samples from restaurants, grocery stores, fish markets, and sushi bars in the New York City area.  Incredibly, close to half of the fish tested were not what they claimed to be. And in sushi bars, your chance of actually getting a piece of real tuna is roughly that of winning a lottery in Japan.

One of Oceana’s chief scientists, blamed some of the discrepancy on translation issues. She said that it was possible some Japanese-speaking sushi chefs may have believed that the proper phrase for the fish in question was “white tuna.”

Right.  And the fish Japanese whale trawlers kill are probably just goldfish.

Fish fraud: