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Trumps To Open Souvenir Shop In White House

Monday, December 19th, 2016



In a move sure to anger critics, the Trump organization announced today that the First Family is planning to open a small, memoribilia store on the first floor of the White House.  The shop will feature items left over from the campaign, Trump buttons,  Trump books, Trump ties, and ‘Make America Great Again’ caps.


It’s rumored that Tiffany Trump – the “daughter with nothing to do” – will be the store’s manager.


Trump Bobblehead

Trying to head off anticipated criticism, it was stated that some of the profits from the venture will go to American Vets and the sometimes-charitable Trump Foundation. One name for the store being considered is ‘Trump’s Tacky Trinkets.’

When it was pointed out by a reporter that many Trump clothing items were manufactured in Bangladesh and Mexico, a Trump spokesperson said, “Fuck you, asshole!”

Trump’s Souvenir Shoppe: