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‘Say Amen, Somebody’ (1982)

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

‘Say Amen, Somebody’

No, I’m not religious.  Yes, this is one of my favorite movies.


Muscle Head Moments

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

George Eiferman:


Arnold’s 1st Movie’s Dumbest Moments:

Right-Wing Whack-Jobs Deliver: PIZZAGATE

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016


YES I believe Don Trump is responsible for PizzaGate.

Not because he actually believes it – but FOR YEARS he’s flamed an atmosphere that’s allowed reptilian right-wing whack-jobs to slime out from beneath their hate-encrusted rocks and spew lunatic conspiracy theories.


I’ve preached against the birther-movement and its bowel-movement leader, Little Donny Trump, since 2008. Don never believed Obama was born in Kenya. He only believed “birther” was a socially-acceptable, way he could gather a national movement of racist, anti-Obama, radical-Christian yahoos to make him president. 

Don gave them credibility – and a voice. Remember: these are people who wouldn’t have cared if George W was born on the moon! But because Obama is Black, the ugly scabs of racism were ripped off and these pieces of shit bled out.

Although only a small percentage of trump voters belong in this category, a vast majority of trumpets are easily played. And when the song has a racially-charged melody, a few loony tunes are going to dance with their guns. This PizzaGate nut is one of them:


He’s just one instrument but let’s not forget the band leader is orange. 

What is PizzaGate?


Snopes rumor control: