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Melania Plagiarized Her Speech …

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016


 … From My Second Grade Teacher.


Work hard for what you want in life.”

“Your word is your bond.”

“Do what you say and keep your promises.”

“Treat people with respect.”

Hey!  As a matter of fact, that’s what my Cub Scout leader said.  And my Phys Ed teacher. And my parents.  And my next door neighbor.  And about 10-gazillion other people who feel compelled to bathe kids in righteously-trite clichés.

I’ve been a paid speechwriter for over 40-years so here’s THE TRUTH – from an expert:

– OF COURSE it was written by someone else probably after about a 5-minute meeting with Melania.

– OF COURSE parts of it were “lifted” (speechwriters don’t use the word ‘plagarized.’) Whoever wrote Michelle Obama’s speech probably lifted major parts of hers from other speeches. These aren’t exactly brilliant, new gems of original wisdom.

What if I had written Melania’s speech?  I’d press her for 1- warm, personal story about don that no one has ever heard before and only she could tell.  It would show his warmth, compassion, wisdom, and his anonymous generosity.  We’d probably have to make it up.

I’d then give her an invoice for $10,000 plus expenses and fly home. The whole thing would have taken less than a day.

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