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Guys: If Your Lady Sees These Ads – Duck

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


Sexist ads:



Juan, More Time

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


If you’re planning a prison escape, Maria del Mar Arjona might not be the woman you should ask for advice.  Maria and her common law husband, Juan Tijerina, planned a daring escape from a Mexican prison.

The cagey couple decided after a conjugal visit, they would leave her clothes in the trailer, Juan would curl up in the suitcase, and Maria would simply walk him out the door to freedom.

They had some bad luck from the start.  Maria had trouble pulling the escape vehicle and prison guards noticed it was very bulky and seemed to be moving in places.  When they stopped the suitcase and pulled the zipper, an embarrassed Juan tried to hide his face (this must have been the back-up plan) and Maria was immediately arrested.

A spokesman for police in the Caribbean state of Quintana Roo said the prison staff never saw an escape attempt “that was so stupid.”

It showed them if you’ve seen Juan,  you’ve seen them all.

Unusual prison breaks:

Wanna Neck?

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


 Neck erotica:


Necking demo:

Roy – God Wants To Talk To You

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


A few years ago, a local power company repairman touched the wrong wire and got zapped by a zillion volts of electricity. According to the news report, Emergency Medical Techs found him lying on the ground, “talking and alert.” Alert? ALERT!? If it were me I’d be “alert” for the rest of my freakin’ life! No more of that, “Frank’s an intelligent boy but doesn’t pay attention” report card crap! I’d REALLY start paying attention after that – and maybe consider a different line of work.

An alternative  vocation didn’t seem like a good choice to Roy C. Sullivan, a US forest ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Mr. Sullivan got struck by lightning – SEVEN TIMES. Say what? That’s right, Binky, the man got hit by lightning – seven times!

The first time was in 1942 when Roy was in a fire lookout tower. LOOK OUT! (Damn!) The 2nd didn’t hit him until 1969 when he was in his truck. The third? The very next year in his front yard. Number four got him in the ranger tower again, 1972.

When did Roy decide this was no big deal? Did one of his kids ever yell, “Ma! Pop got hit by lightning again.”

“Don’t worry kids – he’ll get up soon. And dammit, Little Roy, stop pressing that light bulb on him. You know that doesn’t work!”

Bolt #5 with Roy’s name on it got him in his car in 1973 with #6 only a year later when he was at a campground. In 1977, Roy decided to chuck it all and went fishing. You guessed it. The 7th and final Roy C. Sullivan Lightning Bolt hit him with his pole in the water. He survived.

Sometime between bolts three and five, Roy Sullivan got religion. I guess the man decided God was trying to tell him something. But first, He  had to get his attention.

Roy “Lightning” Sullivan: