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You’ve Got A lot Of Balls, Hilly

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


In response to the Brussels attack today, Hilly the Hawk said America must “intensify and broaden our strategy” against ISIS. “This is a horrific attack right in the heart of Europe. It shows why we need to be in solidarity with our European allies and why NATO is indispensable in our efforts to protect our country and our friends,” she said.

Here’s what she DIDN’T say:

“I supported Obama through his two terms as Secretary of State and my foreign policy will be the same old, same old. I pushed O to be even stronger militarily as he stupidly stumbled and expanded George W Bush’s diasterous Mideast War policy. I’m an old, cold-war warrior who still believes America has the right to choose the governments of other nations whether their people want us to or not.  ‘Non-interventionism’ isn’t in my vocabulary. I only seem mildly reasonable when I stand next to a real lunatic like don j trump.”

A hawk with a vagina is still a hawk.

Hilly and the Brussels Attack:

Hilly practically wetting herself upon learning of Gaddafi’s murder:

Some People Just Shouldn’t Tell Jokes

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Cyndi Lauper:

Amaze Babies!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


Tricks for kids:

No GPS to the ‘G’

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Can we bring the friggin’ diagram? Will the woman hold it?  That is, will she hold this picture for us?  She obviously shouldn’t “hold it” in the sense of not going to the bathroom.  The cutaway clearly spells out ‘emptied bladder.’  And I assume the ‘ejaculation exit’ is for her ejaculation – not ours, guys.  Will her ejaculate know where to go (or come) without the diagram?

The G-Spot is the theoretical trigger for female orgasm – supposedly – sometimes – at least for some women.  Last year, the Journal of Sexual Medicine declared that a semiretired Florida gynecologist “discovered” it on the body of an 83-year old woman cadaver.  I personally thought there were more than one to go around.

But the G-Spot has been known to exist for 50-years, right?  They’re not exactly like Bigfoot sightings – nor honest Congressmen.

My friend in the adult entertainment industry, Ginger Lynn, starred in a film, “The Grafenberg Spot” in 1985.  She finally found her G-Spot about halfway through the movie.  Ginger should have found her ‘G’ – there certainly were enough people looking for it.

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What Do You Say To A Naked Governor?

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

If you ever run into Megan Marshak, you probably shouldn’t ask her where she was on January 26, 1979. The 27-year old Megan was naked in bed that day. No big deal except she happened to be lying under the also naked, 70-year old former Governor of New York, Nelson Rockefeller. Unfortunately, Nelson had just suffered a massive heart attack and was unconscious. Wow – talk about coitus interuptus! How awkward. And how do you get out from under a situation like that?

But Megan knew what to do. She did what any smart mistress would do at that moment – she called her girlfriend and tried to get Nelson dressed. Girlfriend ambled on over and they discussed the situation. At this point, Rockefeller was still technically alive although unconscious.

Now I’m not suggesting for a moment Megan, who was left a New York City townhouse worth millions plus $50,000 in cash in Nelson’s will, hesitated to immediately call for help – for any reason other than appearances. Right.

Finally, after at least an hour, Megan’s girlfriend called an ambulance. Rockefeller died on the way to the hospital. An official autopsy ruled the former Governor died of a massive heart attack. He was cremated 18-hours after his coronary – counting the hour he was getting dressed.

Nelson Rockerfeller’s Death: