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Wrapping For The Unwrapped

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

 ‘How To Wrap a Gift’:

Last Minute, Cheap, Creative Gift Ideas From …

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015


… MessyNessyChic


Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

new talia

You’ve seen some of my terrace pictures in this blog.  My real photography love, however, is portrait photography.  These were taken on Kodak film of course.  Kodak was my biggest client for 30-years.




Best way to shoot a portrait:

1. Find a model like DJ



“Don’t Touch My Junk!”

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Junk? JUNK!?! The phrase above was made popular by the sniveling guy who was afraid of being manhandled by airport security inspectors. He has SUCH a limited vocabulary! Most of us are content with ‘penis’ (don’t you love the term ‘male penis’ – like there may be alternatives?).  Of course we’ve heard ‘cock’, ‘prick’, and ‘boner’ most of our lives – but there are so many more creative names.  Consider:

Trouser Sword, Pennis the Menace. Zipper Ripper, Skin Flute, Twinkie (creamy filling), Abdullah (the Tent Maker), Johnson, The Hole Package, Your Happenis, Kaptain Kielbasa, Chief of Staff, Pope John Pole III, Joystick, Thor’s Hammer, King Leer, Schtupper, Niagara Balls, Torpedo, Submarine, McThunderstick, The Slim Reaper, Jack Kerouwacker, schlong*, Pole, Shaft, Rod, Pecker, Prick, Dick, Peter, Sperm Spitter, Sausage, Wang, Dong, Fuck Stick, Meat hook, Banana, One-Eyed Snake, Peener, Weenie, Tally-Whacker, One-Eyed Anaconda, Yogurt Cannon, Wrinkle Stick, One-Eyed Wonder Weasel, Penis Maximus, Cocktail Frank, Rumple Foreskin, Purple Helmet Warrior, Stiffy, Trouser Snake, Captain Winky, Woody, Mister Happy, Heat-seaking Moisture Missile, Hot-dog, One-Eyed Jack, Midnight Meat Train . . .

And so many more:

* don trump’s recent, personal favorite.

‘Bilitis, The Movie’ (2010) Trailer

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

The Spooky Ballerina:

What’s Good For The Good Goose …

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

…is good for the gander.  Sarah Palin stars in the newest Independent Journal Review video in a parody of 30 Rock called “31 Rock.” There are cameo appearances by Lindsey Graham and even Palin’s ’08 running mate, John McCain. Palin plays Liz Melon (a slight departure from Fey’s Emmy-winning character Liz Lemon).

Independent Journal Review: