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Don’t Help Them Anymore, Kelly

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

“Donald Trump – who would clean your toilets if Latinos leave?”

Stupid celebrity quotes:

Tara Reid says:


Maniacs In Yorkville

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

When my sister was 7 and I was 8, we used to love staying at Aunt Esther’s house in Yorkville, New York. On one visit, Aunt Esther was ‘spooked’ – so she sat us down for a serious talk. She told us (can you imagine?) that Marcy State Insane Asylum was close  (I now know it was about 20 miles away) and sometimes the patients escaped and murdered unsuspecting, naive people who let them into their homes – usually slitting their throats with their own kitchen knives.

I can only imagine our faces and open mouths as we heard this unhappy news. (Thinking back, maybe the lesson here was not to let anyone in when we were at her house…. or …maybe she was just crazy.)

BUT – not to worry – Aunt Esther had a PLAN to save ourselves if a crazy person got in (which must have slipped the minds of all those naive Yorkville homeowners who had their throats slit.) The plan? DISTRACT the maniac.  As soon as he picked up a knife, we were to say (in a friendly voice) “Say, would you like something to eat?”  And when we went to the kitchen to make him lunch or a snack, we were to throw open the back door and run like hell!

I don’t remember questioning the wisdom of this plan, but I know neither Joanne nor I EVER let anyone into Aunt Esther’s house.

Telling scary stories to kids:

US Airstrikes Kill 459-Civilians In Iraq & Syria

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015
Sorry about your families, kids, but remember, we're doing this for you.

Sorry about your families, kids, but remember, we’re doing this for you.

How Many Future Terrorists Did We Just Create?

AIRWARS: BAGHDAD (AP) — “U.S.-led airstrikes targeting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria have likely killed at least 459 civilians over the past year, a report by an independent monitoring group said Monday. The coalition had no immediate comment.

The report by Airwars, a project aimed at tracking the international airstrikes targeting the extremists, said it believed 57 specific strikes killed civilians and caused 48 suspected “friendly fire” deaths. It said the strikes have killed more than 15,000 Islamic State militants.

While Airwars noted the difficulty of verifying information in territory held by the IS group, which has kidnapped and killed journalists and activists, other groups have reported similar casualties from the U.S.-led airstrikes.”  Read more:

‘Cartel Land’ (2015) Trailer

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

‘Cartel Land’