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The World’s Leading Warlord Is Here

Thursday, July 9th, 2015


Tuesday he met with Communist Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong of Vietnam.  Vietnam?  Yep, THAT Vietnam – the country that beat us in a war 40-years ago.  Now it’s a US ally and we need their help in establishing a strong base against China. Vietnam is already listed as a ‘most favored’ trade partner of the US. It has been for over 20-years.  Is anyone paying attention here?

Washington meeting:

Talking About Rape

Thursday, July 9th, 2015


During this Bill Cosby investigation, one aspect of the controversy about which no one is talking is the responsibility of some of the victims.  Yes, it’s still rape – but if you go to a party at the Playboy Mansion, get drunk, and then swallow drugs someone offers you, you’re setting yourself up for disaster!  

You can park a new convertible in the middle of the hood with the keys in the ignition and the top down – but when it’s stolen, you had some responsibility in the matter. If caught, the thief will still get ‘grand larceny auto,’ but you could have avoided helping him as much.

If I were sending a daughter to college, we would have a looong talk about her personal responsibility when it comes to safety.  Yes, I know about “blaming the victim” in these situations but frankly, I’d prefer her not to become a victim in the first place. And I know she could avoid most rapes and assaults by simply using her mind to prepare herself against them.

undercover nails

First, we’d both laugh at the stupid stuff that’s being promoted. ‘Undercover nails’ where the woman dunks her fingers into a drink to see if it’s drugged is valuable only to the people who’ve designed and manufactured it. There are many better ways to be safe. The first of course is being smart. If you go to a beach party where there’s a crowd of guys, two kegs, and only two other women – it’s time to go home. No one will bring you?  Use your cell phone to call a cab.

Cool, bottle opener

If you insist on drinking beer, you only drink bottled beer – out of the bottle – which you open yourself with your own opener. And so you’re not thought of as a pain in the ass, bring your own six-pack and just keep two for yourself.

Of course you should always carry a personal alarm.  I’m amazed at these things! They’re often the size of a pen, emit loud, LOUD! noise, and can only be turned off with a 3-digit combination. You pull the cord at the first feeling of trouble.


I know it’s awful to talk about these things.  The only thing worse is talking about them after something horrible has happened and discuss what you could have done to prevent it.

Rape and Assault in

‘Focus’ (2015) Trailer

Thursday, July 9th, 2015



‘Vampire Hookers’ (1978) Trailer

Thursday, July 9th, 2015


Thursday, July 9th, 2015

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