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Christian Cracker Criticizes Cookies

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Reverend Kevin Swanson is a Christian pastor and host of the radio show “Generations.” Monday he blasted the Girl Scouts of America for pushing feminism and said they are “antithetical to a biblical vision for womanhood.” He also told listeners that buying Girl Scout cookies is supporting Planned Parenthood, abortion, and lesbianism.  “Generations” has listeners in all 50-states and over 60-countries.

Swanson accused the Girl Scouts of being an organization that empowers women to think for themselves and that’s the quickest way to ensure that Communists will seize control of the U.S. government!

He went on, “I think we understand why Barack Obama is president of the United States. He is incredibly popular with single women. In fact, if you want a Communist in the White House in the year 2020, you’ve got to get more daughters raised with the independent mindset, the worldview that is presented by the Girl Scouts of America.”

Militant Christians aren’t as violent as Muslim terrorists but there are many more of them with a much greater power to poison the minds of young people.  To me, they’re all evil.

All the cookies pictured:

Whatever ‘Look’ Kim Was Going For …

Monday, February 23rd, 2015


… he missed.

Kim Jong Un Haircuts:



‘Birdman’ (2015) Trailer

Monday, February 23rd, 2015