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What’d The Wop Say?

Thursday, February 19th, 2015


Calling people names based on their ethnicity  is about as bad as saying someone “doesn’t love America” or “isn’t like us.” Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City and one-time Republican presidential hopeful, came pretty close to that level Wednesday speaking about Barack Obama. Although he tried to water it down the next day, Giuliani blathered enough to inflame the flag-wavers and those who really do believe we are at war with Islam.

It’s surprising to think that anyone can believe that horseshit today but some people also believe the earth is flat, the Warren Commission is right, and the Easter Bunny is real.

How American is Obama?  WTF knows? Who knows what that even means?  Should we give him a loyalty oath like old paranoids looking under beds for Communists?  Have him investigated by the House on Unamerican Activities?  Put him on a blacklist … oh, wait … Anyway, are we returning to those awful McCarthy days of the 1950’s?

Today the “commies” wear turbans and have a religion that’s not Christian.  Same shit – different era. But the fear is still there – usually by the same paranoids.

(Written by Frank Paolo – wop, cat-lover, gun owner, and AMERICAN!)


Thrill Killing Is Fun!

Thursday, February 19th, 2015


It’s almost time for the annual squirrel slaughter in Holley, N.Y. The contest awards cash and gun prizes for the largest squirrel killed that day. The shoot invites children under the age of fourteen to shoot and kill the critters.

I think the whole idea is disgusting – but I have a problem with my own thinking. I’ve known hunters all my life and they’re good people.  I just have a hard time reconciling these decent, civilized folks and the idea they love to blow away animals. And I hate it when they lie about the reasons they hunt.

“I hunt to put meat on my family’s table.” Oh, horseshit. You make it sound like you need to hunt to survive. When you add up the price of guns, ammo, licenses, registration, hunting clothes, gas, days off from work, and the rest of it – it turns out game is one of the most expensive meats there is.

“I help keep down the herd population.” What a friggin’ conservationist! Right.

Here’s the real reason: it’s fun to hunt and kill a living thing.  Killing gives killers an adrenaline high and a sense of power when they drop their prey. Studies have shown there’s usually a little sexual rush too. Plus religions quote the Bible saying God put animals on earth for our use – so I guess we should technically call them “Christian Squirrel Killers.” But can you imagine Jesus in the woods dressed in hunting gear with a rifle chasing squirrels?

I believe I can accept hunters as people in the same way good religious people can accept gay people: “Love the sinner – hate the sin.”

2015 Squirrel Slam:


‘Office Space’ (1999) Trailer

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

My Favorite All Time Post

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Five years ago, a lot of us got a big kick out of this incident: a human foot was found on a conveyor belt at a recycling plant in Seneca, a small town in upstate New York.

Naturally the workers at Casella Waste Management were quite concerned when they saw the foot coming down the line. Are human body parts recyclable?  Was the rest of the body on its way? Was somebody just putting his best foot forward and keeping the rest?

As rumors ran rampant, law enforcement and county officials called the media for a press conference. They looked grim. Yes, initial medical reports said the foot was human and only partially decomposed. Yes, we’re sending it the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office for DNA confirmation. No, it has not been determined if it’s a male or female foot. No, we don’t know if it’s from a child or an adult.

Please people, they said, stop calling the police with reports of missing persons until we kick this thing around a bit and see what’s up.  Casella Waste gets refuse from 15 New York counties and parts of Canada – we’ve got to check all of them.  Yes, we’re on our toes down here – we know what we’re doing.

By Tuesday the crisis was peaking.  The plant was closed and inspectors were all over the place like smell on garbage. Then, a shocking development!  The foot was tracked to Canada – specifically to a load from a recycling centre on New Toronto Street, near Lake Shore Boulevard.  The Toronto Homicide Department stepped in.

“It could only be one of two things: medical waste or foul play,” said Toronto police Staff Sgt. David Vickers.  Uh oh.

The kicker came on Thursday.

“After days of DNA testing, we’ve determined that what we have is not a human foot – but probably the foot of a black bear,” said Seneca Sheriff Philip Povero. Oops – a bear foot – not a bare foot!  How embearassing! At least now Toronto Police could refocus their investigation to search for a large, black bear hopping around their city.

And what can we learn from this drama?  Something computer geeks taught us long ago  – “Garbage In – Garbage Out”.

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