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MY Religion Is Better Than YOUR Religion!

Saturday, February 7th, 2015



Here we go again. “Obama is a Muslim!” some right-wing Christians scream.  This because he said even Christianity has a few facts we’d rather forget like the Crusades and Biblical justifications for slavery.  Obama made the point to underline that very few Muslims are fundamental, whacked-out terrorists.  It’s something America should hear again and again because homegrown nitwits just don’t believe it.

In America, ANY vague criticism of Christianity unleashes a flood of Christian histrionics. What drama queens!  They sound like – dare I say it? – fundamentalist, radical Muslims who go ballistic at the thought of Muhammed’s face appearing on the cover of a magazine.  They can’t see the similarity though.

If Obama is a Muslim he’s doing a helluva job of hiding it.  This is the guy who’s started or continued wars in EIGHT different Muslim countries in 6-years.  Good cover, Barry.

Does the Bible condone slavery? You decide for yourself by clicking on the link below.  I do know segregationists in the ’50’s and ’60’s used the Bible to justify their actions.  Did they read it right?  Could they read at all?  Who knows?  I don’t really care.