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Bring An Old Friend Home For Christmas

Monday, December 15th, 2014

There are millions of older Americans who live alone and need someone to love.  You may be a son or daughter, a niece or nephew – anyone who wishes you could visit this senior more but just don’t have the time.

For this special person, I hope you’ll consider a Christmas gift of an older cat.  Older cats don’t scratch the furniture, or run around like nuts, or take leaps at the Christmas tree.  Older cats are only good to lie on someone’s lap, to be hugged in the day, and to sleep with “their” person at night.

Chances are they’re already fixed and are used to being around people.  They don’t have to go outside – in fact, they shouldn’t go outside.  Most people who are new to cats are surprised at how easy they are to care for.  Unlike the silly myths, most cats are very affectionate and crave human attention.

So it seems, this could be a perfect match – a senior citizen who needs a friend – and a lonely friend who once lived with a family and is now sitting in a cage at the pound.

The first step is to call the local animal shelter in your city.  Use your imagination! Maybe your senior’s Christmas gifts are presents of cat food, toys, a scratching post, and catnip. (Your loved one should be getting the hint when opening these gifts.)  Then, at a prearranged, post-holiday time, you bring the senior to the shelter and see which cat is “right” for her.

C’mon!  Make this a memorable Christmas for someone you love . .

Senior cats for senior citizens: