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Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995) Trailer

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Kleenex coupons:

The Case FOR Voting AGAINST Incumbents

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


There’s an excellent chance the same people who hold office today will be elected next month.  A huge factor is name recognition.  All those sound bytes, telephone calls, lawn signs, and negative commercials – often paid for by special interests or you – the taxpayer, – will have their desired effect.

Most of that “angry voter,” “fed up with politics,” and “throw the bums out,” stuff will melt from your minds as soon as you pull back the voting booth curtain.  Everyone has to pretend candidates really want to help and govern people but we all really know politicians are just smiling ego-maniacs who have more interest in job security (theirs) and lifetime financial gain.  More than half the “losers” get lucrative lobbyist jobs after elections.  You’re not really surprised at that, are you?

Name recognition works for me too.  On Election Day, if I recognize an incumbent candidate’s name – regardless of party – I will quickly vote for his opponent. I will be especially interested in voting for third party candidates. I figure, how can anyone different be anyone worse?

But chances are, you won’t even consider third parties.  The main stream media has done its job and programmed you into Rows A or B.  The US election machine has worked . . . again.

In fairness, I will promise you this.  I promise that when you vote in the same way for the same candidates – and things remain exactly the same next year – I will not laugh at your whines and snivels about government.

Term limits: